Flintridge Trails is located off Hwy. B, about 2.6 miles east of Hwy. A, and is lodged between the Chippewa Flowage and Hwy. B. Parcels are about 1.5 acres or larger in size, within a beautiful wooded area with roads, trails and ponds. At the south end is a band of land owned by the State of Wisconsin, which is a buffer between Flintridge Trails and the Flowage. A hiking trail leads to the water. On the north end, is a strip of land, part of the Chequamegon Forest (under U.S. Dept of Agriculture jurisdiction) that acts as a buffer between Flintridge Trails and Highway B.

Flintridge Trails lots are intended for either seasonal or year round single family dwellings, are subject to Sawyer County Zoning and building requirements, and all covenants are intended to work in combinations with County & State zoning & building codes. Covenants do state no trailer homes of any kind will be allowed for either permanent or temporary uses. Easements are granted for installation & maintenence of utilities, and parallel roads & trails where practical.

Deer meander through the paths, stopping for a drink at the ponds, blue jays chatter, hummingbirds zip by to hover over wildflowers, squirrels scamper through the trees, as eagles soar overhead. A hiking trail down to the lake reveals a blue heron, standing majestically, waiting for it’s meal. A public boat launch is located just 1/2 mile west of the entrance to Flintridge Trails, giving close access to the waters of the Chippewa Flowage.

Peaceful, quiet, serene. A place to call home.

Several lots for sale. Lots can be combined. Call 715-462-3185 for more information.